Here is a list of great sites, tools and products that I personally use or have good knowledge of and highly recommend for your health, happiness, success and making life that bit easier!

Web & Tech Stuff

Hostgator – The web hosting solution I’ve used for years. Hostgator is cheap but easy to use, reliable, has prompt and efficient customer support and great features. You can host unlimited domains, it easily installs WordPress on your domain name for you with one click and has a user-friendly C-Panel interface.

OptimizePress – singularly the best business purchase I have made this year. If you want to do a product launch, or to produce a good, slick sales letter or a cheaper version of Kajabi then look no further. OP is AWESOME! I love it. Have a look for yourself at the functionality of this brilliant WordPress theme.

Aweber – Hands down the best and easiest e-mail autoresponder service I – and many thousands of other people – use to build and communicate with my list of subscribers. Probably my most essential tool.

Digital Access Pass – The pretty amazing and pretty cheap membership site and affiliate software that I use for my product sites.

Adobe – I use a range of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection products – from Photoshop for design to Acrobat to Premiere for video editing to Dreamweaver for web design – great suite to have for anyone working online

Self Development & Seminars

Audible – for brilliant downloadable audiobooks on any topic, from business to fiction to learning a new language to the law of attraction. It’s a fantastic, cheap way to educate and coach yourself, on a shoestring…much better than watching TV! Start a 14-day FREE TRIAL with Audible and get 1 or 2 FREE audiobook downloads, I love Audible!

Alkaline Products

Wheatgrass Powder – highly alkalizing green juice for maximum energy and disease prevention


  • John Pollard

    Reply Reply June 8, 2011

    Why don’t people use constant contact? I find that much nicer for creating email newsletters and the like. CC is also cheaper from what I can tell. Neither can do what I need them to do.

    My problem is getting through to people who want to know about my topic but think they are already the world’s smartest person on this topic. Yet they are essentially ignorant about the topic. Sort of like ugly girls who think they are pretty. They get away with it sometimes, but eventually it’s going to become obvious.

    So pointing out their ignorance, an essential aspect of them learning, usually creates friction, like it’s my fault they are stupid.

    However, if I could find people actually looking to know more about my topic, then I’m the best person possible they could learn from for all the right reasons.

    What I can’t seem to do is market myself to a relevant community. But once what I’m saying catches on it will be a landslide transition to more intelligent thinking, problem-solving, etc.

    So does any of this make sense?


    • Laura

      Reply Reply July 5, 2011

      Um yes kind of :-) What is your niche?

  • roger silen

    Reply Reply March 13, 2012

    I use Aweber and Oprius… there are many good autoresponders, like Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp, aweber etc… ALL have their strengths and weaknesses… it usually comes down to personal preference.

    John, to effectively get through to people you have to get inside your ideal prospects head, know what conversation is going on and simply join THAT conversation to position your expertize, products or services.

    Also just my two cents… you probably dont want to be running around calling people stupid and ignorant… wether you believe it to be true or not… not a great way to win friends OR influence people..

    Best of Success

  • Jane Adshead-Grant

    Reply Reply August 28, 2014

    I have just switched from Wheatgrass powder to frozen wheatgrass – It is fabulous. This time I ordered from Jason Vale as he had a special offer on 2 bags of wheatgrass and a free bag of frozen kale. They are however from ‘live wheatgrass’ whom you can buy directly. Enjoy :-)

    • Laura

      Reply Reply September 9, 2014

      That’s great Jane! Fresh and frozen wheatgrass is so much better then powder.

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