Drop A Dress Size in 5 Days...

Want Fast Weight Loss Results, The Healthy Way? Try My 5-Day Rapid Results Detox

  • Lose significant fat from your hips and waist
  • Optimised nutrient ratios for great digestion
  • Aids immunity for natural pain relief & healing
  • Gets toxins away from your vital organs & out of your body
  • Gives you all-day energy without caffeine
  • Restores your body's acid-alkaline balance
  • Delicious fresh juices and smoothies
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Most people plan to do a detox at some point but then life takes over and it stays on the ‘to do’ list, rather than the ‘done’ list. Putting it off keeps those toxins that have built up through periods of less-than-optimal eating and everyday stresses hanging around your body and vital organs and inevitably causes below-par energy, niggling health issues – small or big – and prevents those extra pounds of fat from shifting.

But what if in just 5 days, you could switch the ‘reset’ button and start afresh – renewed and invigorated with mental clarity, a leaner body, fresher skin, no junk food cravings and an abundance of energy all throughout the day?

With the new 5-Day Rapid Results Detox, you are guided through an exciting healthy eating plan that is not only perfectly alkaline balanced for giving your body exactly what it needs nutritionally but also satisfies your taste buds with a combination of fruit and vegetable juices, highly alkalizing and satisfying green smoothies.

On top of that, you also have delicious non-dairy ice creams and some whole foods, not traditionally included in most detox programmes. You also get a selection of 9 extra ‘mini-meals’ that you can add to your daily meals, to accommodate days where you are particularly active or need a pick-me up; all simple and hits the spot when you may be feeling some detox symptoms.

The 5-Day Rapid Results Detox plan is something that you can revisit time and time again for a boost of energy, to lose some unwanted fat and to reset your alkaline balance.

As well as the comprehensive guide with daily meal plans, recipes and shopping list, you get 5 daily motivational videos from me where I guide you through the day and what you can expect and how to not only complete the 5-days but also to thrive on it and really enjoy it. How would you like to be thinner, healthier, brighter version of you, in just 5 days time?

What You'll Get From the Rapid Results Detox Plan...

EXCITING & AFFORDABLE MEAL PLANS - You'll get a real taste treat over the course of the detox. PLUS, everything you need for the 5 days is easily bought locally and is inexpensive.

UNIQUELY SATISFYING - Unlike other smoothie and juice detoxes, it also includes some solid foods so you get the satisfaction of actually eating food. You’ll feel full and satisfied with steady blood sugar levels.

ALKALINE BALANCED for maximum detox benefits.

NUTRITIONIST APPROVAL - Created by Qualified Nutritionist, Laura Wilson.

ICE CREAM! Unlike any other detox plan, it includes delicious non-dairy and super-healthy ice-creams and mini-snacks.

FULL-COLOUR EBOOK 26-page downloadable ebook with the 10 recipes, day-by-day complete meal plans, shopping list and motivational advice.

5  MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS - Laura guides you day-by-day through the detox to keep you motivated and helping you to succeed.

LIFETIME ACCESS TO MATERIALS  so you can revisit again and again when you need a health boost.

FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP – We regularly hold 5-Day Raw Vegan Detox and Vegan Challenge events online in our closed Facebook group. You can join the friendly group to receive peer support and advice and connect with others to share your experiences and recipes.


“Since following your 5-Day Detox I have become 95% vegetarian and only eat salmon once a month and maybe have a cheat day once a month. I eat more green veg than I have done in my entire life and feel 100 % better for doing so. Laura, good on you for showing and trying to help people live a a more healthy better life.I was always a meat eater and had little inclination to eat veg or just ate the odd few here and there. I have to say that you are right in what you say in your videos about energy, vitality & health from eating raw/alkaline vegan, we can cure ourselves of our illness if we change our eating habits.”

- Shan Spencer


jane-ag-beet-juice"Hi Laura - Ed and I just completed your 5 day alkaline detox programme. It was fabulous! I loved the variety of the juices and smoothies. We have done Jason Vale's excellent programme too a few times and this was slightly different so loved it! Now I have a greater selection of smoothies that I simply love :-). The results - I lost 4 pounds in 5 days. I feel terrific and managed to exercise nearly every day with a 3 - 4/12 mile run. The best result for me was - better sleep! Amazingly we both slept better, solid all the way through and woke up feeling refreshed and energised. The only change I made - exchanging celery for something else as Ed doesn't like celery - so ABC juice for us was Apple, Beetroot and Carrot - a favourite now! Thank you Laura for a fabulous programme and we will definitely be doing it again . . ."

- Jane Adshead-Grant, Essex, UK


"I found the 5-Day Rapid Results Detox diet to be very easy to follow. The juices are delicious and the combinations of alkaline foods offer a delicious way to rapidly re-alkalinise. I will retain some of the juice recipes from this programme as part of my regular diet. Thanks to Laura Wilson for her ongoing commitment to helping others find a healthier way of life. What I really liked – some of the juices were lovely – especially ABC, sleepy juice and alkaline orange juice. After the detox, I have continued with some of the juices and I eat more alkaline foods than I did before. I lost almost 2kg and 2cm from my thighs and upper arms.
Thanks Laura, and best wishes with the book launch!"
 - Kelly Myles, Australia

100% Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee

Go ahead and purchase the 5-Day Rapid Results Detox plan. Download all the materials, watch the videos and try it out. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied then simply send me an e-mail stating why and I’ll refund you all of your money back.

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