Here’s Why You Should Write That Book You’ve Always Wanted To (And How To Do It)

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Behind blogging and losing weight, writing a book is consistently cited as being in the top 3 most popular life/bucket list goals.

(The popular website 43things documented the world’s most popular goals for over 10 years and found writing a book to be consistently 3rd.)

I can see why.

We all have a sense of deep knowledge and insight in at least one area of life (even if it’s your own life journey) and feel we can make a meaningful contribution to the world by putting it into words.

Whether that’s by writing a biography, an instructional ‘how-to’ guide, or simply musings that you think others might appreciate.

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Publishing A Book is Extremely Fulfilling

Writing a book is really one of life’s great joys - to see your ideas organised and written down and with the potential to reach and benefit other people. But sadly, many books stay hidden in the depths of the writer's journals or computer hard drive and never see the light of day.

What’s much more fulfilling is actually publishing your book. I am glad to say that I have done this, on several occasions and it is very rewarding, both in terms of career and life satisfaction and also financially.

I have published at least 8 books that I can think of at present – mainly ebooks that I have either given away for free or sold online.

These have been on a range of topics from how to market your business on Twitter to a website branding and SEO guide, to my most prolific writing area – health and the alkaline diet, where I’ve written 6 books (recipe books, short guides and full books) so far.

I had the great pleasure and privilege of having my latest book The Alkaline 5 Diet taken on by the world’s leading natural healing and spirituality publisher, Hay House last year and it has really done wonders for me.

10 Things That Having A Published Book Has Done For Me:

I can say hands down that writing books has been the best career move I have ever done. It has opened many doors for me and brought me in a significant income.

  1. Got me 20,000 global website subscribers and thousands of followers on social media
  2. Paid me tens of thousands of pounds of extra, passive income from book sales
  3. Got me on the front cover and feature pages of major magazines and newspapers
  4. Got me speaking gigs at major conferences and prestigious events
  5. Got me a lot of radio and podcast interviews
  6. Given me TV and documentary requests
  7. Got me paid columnist gigs for magazines and newspapers
  8. Given me visibility and high branding in competitive markets
  9. Allowed me to be viewed as THE go-to person in my area of expertise
  10. Helped me to help hundreds of thousands of people all round the world to improve their health and diet
Featured on the cover of a newspaper Sunday supplement this weekend, thanks to my book

Featured on the cover of a newspaper Sunday weekend supplement, thanks to my book 'The Alkaline 5 Diet'


How To Get A Book Deal

Ok so here's how I got my major book deal, in a nutshell:

  • I built an e-mail list of 15,000 people in the area of health and diet
  • I got very comfortable with being on camera and produced a lot of YouTube videos and other video marketing materials
  • I had engineered some major lifestyle hooks that were appealing (being an ultra-marathon runner, vegan athlete and Nutritionist)
  • I sold a lot of books that I have had published myself, thereby reducing the potential risk for a publisher taking me on - I was a known quantity on the sales front
  • I garnered  a lot of proof that I knew what I was talking about - hundreds of client testimonials to having better health and weight loss from reading my books, that fact that I look in my mid-20s at age 35
  • I pulled together all my marketing savvy and strategic sales techniques that I had learnt from many years in business consulting and telesales

That's it - easy right?

Erm no!

Major Publisher or Self-Publish?

I have to say it is EXTREMELY hard to get a major publisher to take your book on and give you an advance and royalties. Put it this way - Hay House told me that they receive around 35,000 manuscripts per year and they take on 12 books and only 2 go to the US on mainstream sales (mine was one).

Before you stop reading, let me reassure you that there is another way; a better way when you're writing your first book and that is to saw that coming right.

Self-publishing is a much easier route to market and it can be used as a springboard to get you a major publisher down the line. Either way, self-publishing really is the best way to go because you get to keep 100% of the profits, as opposed to a small % of the profits with a publisher.

In the world we live in today, with technology and publishing tools so readily available and accessible, publishing your own book is pretty easy and the barrier to entry has been removed for anyone who has the desire to write a book.

I recently coached my online marketing client, Jane Adshead Grant, to write and publish her book Are You Listening or Just Waiting to Speak? and she managed to get hers written, published and selling within 6 months.

Yes, But What If Don't Have The Time Right Now To Write A Book or I Am Not A Skilled Writer?

Good points! Who does have time realistically to write a book? I know I didn't, yet I still managed to write 8 of them lol. The key is having a clear blueprint for writing and setting aside small pockets of time.

If you don't have writing skills, again - that doesn't matter. The best books are written in a conversati0nal style and that show your personality and unique slant on your topic.

I can honestly say that time, writing skills and knowing where to start are not things you should be concerned about when considering writing your book. All writers have those fears and all writers stare at a blank page and think 'where do I start?' at some point and the key to overcoming them is having a simple, clear plan...

Well that's where I've hooked you up :-)

Your Free Book Writing & Publishing Guide

A fellow author and colleague of mine, Chandler Bolt, has created a free video course on how to write, publish, and market your first book - even if you don’t have time, writing skills, or a book idea. You can get it now for a short period of time only (a week or so I think).

Also, and I'm not sure how long this will be available, you can grab a free copy of his ebook guide as well: 'Book Launch - How to Write, Market & Self-Publish Your First Best-Seller in 3 Months or Less AND Use It To Start & Grow A Six Figure Business'.


Chandler Bolt is a 5-time bestselling author and entrepreneur (owner of Self Publishing School) - his books and business are hitting 7 figures he tells me. He’s helped hundreds of students start (and finish) their books, and he’s coached everyone from 6-figure entrepreneurs and directors of major corporations, to stay-at-home parents and students, and a NY Times Bestselling author.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to go from "no idea" to bestselling author in just 90 days
  • 5 myths that hold us back from the success and freedom we deserve
  • What turns a one-time activity (writing a book) into passive income year after year
  • Success secrets of top authors (including Amazon's little-known "Rule of 3")
  • The 3-step Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint that's launched bestselling books in dozens of industries and niches

Imaging having your own book in your's a lovely feeling! Imagine having a nice little side income coming in for years ahead from something you wrote once.

Well I'll stop talking now and let you go and grab your free training series and ebook.

Leave a comment below with any questions or observations you have, I'll do my best to get back to you promptly!

Laura :-)

Free Self Publishing Video Series & Guide

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Get "The 7-Ways To Alkalize Your Body" Guide & Printable Alkaline Food Chart
  • Discover The Amazing Health & Healing Benefits of Alkalizing Your Body
  • Lose Weight Much More Effortlessly
  • Identify The One Acidifying Killer in Your Home
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