Attention Ladies!

Beauty Pampering & Food Tasting Event

IMG_1010Hi! I am Laura Wilson,

Thanks for visiting this page after receiving a flyer or online leaflet. I'd like to invite you to a FREE event at my house near Powisland Drive, Derriford this month.

Come along and try out some luxurious natural and hand-made beauty products by Tropic Skincare and sample some delicious vegan recipes from my book ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’. You have the chance of being totally indulged with a free facial too!

There are various dates available in August, please go to the following link to book your free place - do bring a friend.

To book, call (07875) 500079 or register online here

What is Tropic Skincare?

Tropic Skincare is a natural, plant-derived and cruelty-free range of beauty products and make-up which has won many awards for quality and anti-aging results. The products are hand-made in Surrey and the company is co-owned by Lord Alan Sugar and growing fast.


Who is Laura & Why Come Along?

I'm Laura Wilson, a Natural Health Nutritionist, regular radio show guest and author of the book ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’, which was published worldwide in April 2015 and has received wide acclaim. It’s been featured in Bella and Marie Claire magazines and The Herald and Western Morning News locally.

I totally love Tropic products and am passionate about showing women how you can easily take care of your body through a plant-based diet and great, natural skincare products in a way that is totally luxurious and indulgent but also cruelty and nasty chemical-free!


You are not obliged to buy anything - come along and stay for 20 mins or stay for a couple hours and be totally pampered,  eat some delicious foods, meet some lovely new women and have an enjoyable time!

See you at mine for a fun afternoon or evening - I look forward to meeting you :-)

Laura Wilson

Come and feel beautiful, naturally.

Click Here to RSVP & Choose Your DateOr call me on (07875) 500079

The event is totally free!

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