Online Brand Building: 22 Tangible Benefits

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I was having a strategy session yesterday around online brand building for my iBrand Boost upcoming training programme and I came up with 22 solid, tangible benefits of building a good brand presence online and with social media. These are all benefits I have DIRECTLY experienced myself and many of my clients and peers have also benefited from. Think about the impact these things could have on your own personal brand, your business, your status, your authority and your income!

  1. Higher perceived expertise, status, trust and influence – if you are easily found on social media and in the search engines and the content shows you in a good light and provides value, your audience will view that you are credible, trustwortthy and consistent – not some fly-by-night who could take your money and disappear at any given moment. Kind of adds accountability.
  2. Good reputation management and web real estate management – what is found under your name and brand name is not left to chance or other people’s content, it’s sanctioned by you.
  3. Great deal flow – lots of opportunities coming your way on a day-to-day basis – joint venture offers that you can cherry pick.
  4. People wanting to interview you – for their website, publications and to send to their subscribers. I’ve had some great publicity from this.
  5. Free tickets to exclusive events – business events that would normally cost $2000 or more, you can get into for free. I’ve been offered a number of tickets like this and been to some FANTASTIC events this way. Chris Howard’s ‘Design Your Destiny’ 4-day programme being the most notable.
  6. Viral buzz – people sharing, reposting, liking and commenting on your content.
  7. Back links – People linking to your content – one-way back links to your website are great for SEO (search engine optimisation).
  8. Invitations to speak at events – Great for publicity, leverage, getting your name out there, making more sales etc. Public speaking opportunities are always worth their weight in gold. As a matter of fact, earlier on today, my good friend Neil invited me to speak at his social media event in December, cheers Neil. :-)
  9. Coaching requests – people will contact you directly to ask to work with you. You can command higher fees if people are very eager to work with you one-to-one. I was appraoched by a male stripper and TV personality earlier this year who demanded that I coach him in his online branding, so I did. How cool and what a lovely chap!
  10. Free gifts – fromt the weird to wonderful to just plain useful. Software and training DVDs have been especially useful.
  11. Great wealth network – free access to a valuable network of friends and business peers who can help eachother and share ideas. (That rhymes lol)
  12. High level masterminds – an extenstion of your wealth network, these are the power players who you can mastermind with and be inspired by.
  13. Book offers – publishing house or self-publish. You could have an Amazon or NY Times best seller (I know a fair few).
  14. Radio, press & TV offers – local radio, web radio, national radio, national TV, national press, international press…good branding opens up all these avenues!
  15. More traffic to your website – stands to reason really, more buzz around your brand will mean more visitors to your site, without any extra SEO required.
  16. Anticipation around your products and services – both ongoing products/services and launches seem to sell more effortlessly. People anticipate your offerings.
  17. A frenzy of friend requests! Many Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn friend requests – you no longer have to search for quality people to connect with – they find you and you screen them by your criteria.
  18. Bigger list – More subscribers to your list and RSS blog feeds.
  19. More sales! – Why did I put this so far down in the list lol?
  20. Celebrity type prestige – you’ll become a rockstar, a mini celeb in your marketplace…but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to walk down the street – you might have to just invest in a wig and some shades if you really manage to work your online brand presence. :-)
  21. A tribe – you’ll gain a group of loyal followers and fans, not just on Facebook or Twitter but who will follow and appreciate all that you do and the value you provide.
  22. Offers of marriage, dates or kids?! This may be just reserved for young ladies in business, I’m not sure lol. I have certainly had some strange, flattering and creepy requests and I know of a friend who was offered $5000 to marry an Arab FB contact so he could move to the UK lol.

I would encourage you to watch the free online brand building training videos on my other site iBrand Boost if you haven’t already done so – there’s a good couple hours of free content there that I hope you’ll find engaging and useful.

Let me know what you think about the benefits of online brand building – do you have any to add to this 22?

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Get "The 7-Ways To Alkalize Your Body" Guide & Printable Alkaline Food Chart
  • Discover The Amazing Health & Healing Benefits of Alkalizing Your Body
  • Lose Weight Much More Effortlessly
  • Identify The One Acidifying Killer in Your Home
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