London – High Wealth, Low Health

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laura-wilson-hay-house-speak-write-promoteSo I was in London this weekend, it was a last minute trip to an event my publisher, Hay House organised called ‘Speak, Write, Promote’. It was a great event and I met some wonderful people.

I got to have lunch with the CEO of Hay house US office, Reid Tracy and best-selling author and coach, Cheryl Richardson. The weekend further confirmed in my mind that I’ve made the right decision to go with Hay House, as a spiritually and ethically sound organisation to work with and to ‘birth’ my new alkaline diet book :-)

PLUS, many people at the event were drinking green juices and wheatgrass juice as a standard and obvious good health practice. Wise people.

These days I tend to have a love/hate relationship with London.

Things I love about London:

  • The abundance of great business and personal development events going on.
  • The networking opportunities.
  • The multi-culturalism.
  • The Proms.
  • Richmond-Upon Thames.
  • Piano recitals at Wigmore Hall.

Things I hate about London:

  • The rubbish air quality.
  • Traveling on the Underground and the lack of fresh air there.
  • The way people think it’s cool to be super-busy, rushing around.
  • The water quality.
  • Hotel prices.
  • The prevalence of people smoking.
  • There’s no sea.
  • The constant bombardment by advertising.
  • Did I mention the bad air quality?!

Every time I’ve been to London recently, the lifestyle of many people and the observations I make remind me of an important lesson…

Remember not to trade my good health for money and materialism.

In other words, In this city there is an abundance of money for many people. They live fast lives, drive fancy cars, eat out in posh restaurants, are in well paid jobs.

So in THEORY they are at the higher end of the scale on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.

BUT, are they self-actualised?

I have to ask – are people doing jobs that enhance their sense of self and fulfilment or detracting from it? Is it a job that promotes a healthy way of living? Is the fast past good for them or too stressful and ruining their good health? Are they able and willing to choose clean, alkaline foods in the posh restaurants, or are they eating fat-laden, GMO, second-rate food?

Reminds me of another couple of quotes: “Don’t get really good at really dumb things” and “don’t put the most important things in life at the mercy of the least important things”.

My feeling is that living in a big, fast-paced, expensive, shiny-lights, polluted city causes a huge compromise to our foundational human need of clean air, food and water, if you are not mindful of this infringement and take active steps to counter it…getting out in nature, breathing deeply, taking time to centre oneself (yoga, meditation, prayer).

On this particular trip to London, I stayed on the outskirts of town in Tottenham. Quite a poor and roughish area by the looks of it.

BUT, here’s the funny and interesting thing…

As a person committed to eating alkaline and vegan, it was FAR easier to find good, clean, alkaline foods in the small and quaint local grocery stores than in central London in conventional restaurants and supermarkets.


For example, I can always buy organic dates in large packs very cheaply on the outskirts of town in Muslim and Turkish stores. Plus, on this visit, I was able to find packs of dried mulberries, which I really, really like! I can only usually find them online and they’re much more expensive.

I guess what I want to highlight is that you don’t have to have a lot of money to eat and be healthy. In fact, the traditional ‘wealthy person lifestyle’ is often a path to ill-health.

I have met many millionaires who are not healthy and some who have got seriously ill and said that they’d swap all their money for great health.

You don’t have to have money but you need to be committed to SIMPLICITY and meeting your basic needs consistently before moving onto the more ‘fancy needs’, such that new car or bigger house, or eating out in the new haute cuisine restaurant.

laura-wilson-mulberriesI prefer to sit on a beach with a good friend, watching the world go by, talking about fun stuff and eating bananas and oranges than eating out in an expensive gourmet restaurant that will leave me feeling tired, bloated, bored and out of pocket.

Maybe that’s just me – what are your thoughts?

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Get "The 7-Ways To Alkalize Your Body" Guide & Printable Alkaline Food Chart
  • Discover The Amazing Health & Healing Benefits of Alkalizing Your Body
  • Lose Weight Much More Effortlessly
  • Identify The One Acidifying Killer in Your Home
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  • Jasmine

    Reply Reply June 6, 2014

    Hi Laura
    It’s refreshing to know there are like minded people out there.
    I live in A suburb of Sydney, Australia. Originally from the east end of London, I have grown into a person that naturally wants to eat clean food, be in the great outdoors and enjoy simple pleasures with family and friends.
    Many have critisised me for my alternative views, such as not spending 4 hrs a day travelling into the city on congested roads, not doing a 9-5 cube job sat in Air con all day, eating fast food and coffees. Yet now I am 57 yrs old and have excellent health, whilst so many have diabetes, heart problems, high bp etc…. Only now I’m being asked what my secret is to looking younger than my years, clear skin and good health.
    Keep up the good work Laura, I enjoy receiving your updates
    God bless

    • Laura

      Reply Reply June 6, 2014

      Thanks Jasmine,
      Your comment sums it up completely! Yes, your youthful looks must be luck right? Shrewd woman for making the move. As much as I enjoy the outdoors here, I’d love to spend more time out in the sun and love travelling.
      Have a great day :-)

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