Key to Success – Strong Abs!

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laura-wilson-online-abs Now, I’m not saying that you have to have stomach muscles like these two…though it’d be nice, right? But what I am saying is this…

And this may sound harsh or a load of cr** to some people, but it’s absolutely true…

In order to be TRULY successful, centred and happy in life, you MUST have strong abdominal muscles.

Ok, let me explain.

I have studied and practiced a fair few different things in my time – from salsa dance to running to singing to university work to business to telesales to martial arts to successful entrepreneurs to philosophy to healthy eating to psychology. I love gaining new skills and knowledge and study things intently (just ask my Mum & Dad lol), a bit geekish really but I think it comes with the territory of being an introvert and an intuitive observer.

I’ve had succes in the above areas but also failure…I was unfit, lethargic, a novice singer and dancer (some may think I still am lol – but I’ve improved IMMENSELY in these areas). I’ve been at extreme ends of the scales and I can tell you that going from weak, flabby stomach muscles in my teens and early twenties to strong, tight abs in my mid to late twenties and now I’m 30, has CHANGED EVERYTHING!

The common theme that I can see in being successful is that you need to be centred and have a good sense of grounding –  a strength which comes from having a strong CORE – i.e. your abdominal area and muscles.

I am not saying anything new or radical here – look at Eastern philosophies and religions they all advocate this idea: Yoga ‘centres’ you, right – how come? It’s no coincidence that it focuses heavily on core strength. And what about the practice of fasting? This has radical health and spiritual benefits, why? Because it CENTRES you.

I’ve learnt to approach all new things from the perspective of using strong core strength – advanced salsa spins requires balance and strengthening of abs. In martial arts – a strong cross punch or roundhouse kick comes from the core, NOT the arms or legs.

And this strength is transient – if you overeat, for example then this can put you all off balance…as I experienced last night.

I have rehearsal with my rock band ‘Seeker’ every Thursday evening and usually beforehand I eat a smallish lunch, workout at the gym and then am HUNGRY and have an empty stomach by the time we start rehearsing. By doing it this way, my lungs are strong and powerful from the exercise, I am alert and confident but, more importantly, I have the strength in my stomach muscles to deliver and move and FEEL, because I am not weighed down with any bloat in my mid area.

Well, yesterday I overate – I had a big lunch (don’t get me wrong, it was lovely – me and my Mum went to Kitley House, our local stately home and had a feast ;-) ) and I could not sing properly in the evening – I felt all out of kilter and lacking in vocal power. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my sense of command, I felt really sluggish.

Intuition comes from your core too – I challenge you to make a real intuitive life or business decision if you don’t feel centred and strong in your core muscles.

Some people live a lifetime like this – out of balance. I don’t mean to sound harsh but I do want to highlight the joy and peace that flows from being lean, strong and healthy. If you ARE fit and have a strong core then you know EXACTLY what I mean.

You get a real sense of peace and CALM confidence.

If not then, don’t worry! With a little exerted effort in the gym or at home, working on those core muscles,  you’ll reap the benefits. Go on try it – do 50 ab crunches at home each day for the next 30 days and see the difference.

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Get "The 7-Ways To Alkalize Your Body" Guide & Printable Alkaline Food Chart
  • Discover The Amazing Health & Healing Benefits of Alkalizing Your Body
  • Lose Weight Much More Effortlessly
  • Identify The One Acidifying Killer in Your Home
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  • Mark Zaretti

    Reply Reply November 1, 2010

    Great and insightful article. I’ve spent many years training in many ways, from physical trainings for (martial) arts from kickboxing, karate, akido, tai chi, pilates and yoga through to rowing, cycling, running, rock climbing… the list goes on.
    I’ve also trained my mind from a classic education in science to NLP, Provocative Therapy, hypnosis, Kinesiology etc.
    And I’ve trained (if you can use that word) spiritually.
    Been doing about 2 hours of meditation a day for the last 20 years and have been teaching it for about 12 years.
    It’s this last discipline that really provides the deepest insights into what you’re describing here. Let me share with you what I’ve noticed (and many others too)

    Firstly it’s about breath. A person literally is their breath. When we need to relax, centre, focus etc we take a deep “steadying” breath. Through basic meditative techniques we can calm the mind, integrate and balance the energy centres and develop more inner awareness.

    Secondly the solar plexus – the energy centre, chakra etc which is in the belly region is the seat of our identity and also hence where we can FEEL challenged. By breathing into it we can let go of tension. And by focusing from it we literally project who we are. Beneath this and supporting it is the sacral centre which is “creativity” and the Base centre which is literally our “will to be”

    Thirdly, there is the “as above so below” universal law, which simply put means that thought follows action and action follows thought. If you change your mind you change your being and if you change your being you change your mind. So putting physical effort into taking control of and strengthening your “physical” core will also help you gain control over and strengthen your mental and emotional cores.

    I’m reminded of another report years ago that showed the business folk who ran/jogged regularly were noticibly more likely to be successful in their chosen careers.

    Food for thought :) and thanks for a great article


  • Dan

    Reply Reply November 1, 2010

    Strong abs- strong core – strong body

    Totally agree checkout my 7 minute ab workout on YouTube and under the fitness video section of my web site

    In modern sedentary western way of living our core is neglected guys in the gym want pumped arms girls want flat tummies and tight buns!! But strong abs are neglected ab crunches are good but the plank is loads better!! Mix ab work into every exercise (Pilates way of exercising) and see the difference!!

  • laura

    Reply Reply November 1, 2010

    Hi Mark,

    Wow, thank you for your fantastic comments! You’ve certainly got a whole wealth of experience behind you in this area, so it’s great to hear your expert perspective :-)

    I particularly like what you say about ‘as above, so below’, I can relate to this very much.

    Yes, I’ve heard the same stats about runners doing well in business too…some of my most inspired business decisions come whilst out on a long run – such mental clarity, especially when breathing is completely in the groove and in sync with running tempo.

    Do you have any breathing techniques that you find especially good?


  • laura

    Reply Reply November 1, 2010

    Hey Dan, cheers for the comment :-)

    Dan’s a kickboxing and martial arts ninja and been one of my fitness instructors for years – he certainly know what he’s talking about, check out his videos!

    I am really enjoying doing more Pilates and Body Balance and can certainly see a difference in my core strength over past few months from it.

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