‘Food Matters’ – Essential Viewing for Your Health

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PLEASE Watch This Startling Film on The Food We Eat & Pharmaceuticel Industry

I first came across the film Food Matters when I was on a Raw Food and Fitness bootcamp in Chiang Mai, Thailand earlier this year, check out the trailer:

In Thailand, I ate nothing but exquisitely prepared raw, alkaline foods and exercised for an average of 5 hours per day. Needless to say I lost a couple of kilos and came back home feeling wonderful! As well as having fantastic memories of great new friends, fish foot spa, stroking tigers and Thai boxing with some martial arts masters…but that’s for a different post lol  :-)

While I was there, the owners of The Spa detox centre scheduled in for us to watch this documentary film one evening. I didn’t really have any expectations of the film, I knew it was about the health services of the Western world and encouraging healthier eating habits instead of popping pills for ailments and diseases. But since I have studied and  worked in these areas extensively, I thought that the film wouldn’t really tell me anything new.

Well I have to say, I was happily wrong.

The film is a real eye opener and will change the way you view traditional medicine forever. It reinforced in my mind the reasoning behind why I left the National Health Service (NHS – UK’s medical service juggernaut). I used to manage the medical research but left after 2 years, discovering the extent to which the whole system is geared towards disease, NOT health – being funded almost exclusively by the pharmaceutical companies, which obviously have a major vested interest in keeping people on drugs.

The Food Matters Film is very engaging and enlightening viewing, as well as being mildly disturbing.

I would encourage you to PLEASE watch this film. You can view it online or via DVD, 3 day’s access to the online version is $4.95 – a miniscule price to pay for your health eduction. I have contacted the creators of the film and will be looking to hold a screening of it soon locally and for the subscribers of my website Alkaline Diet Health Tips. I feel very passionately that the more people watch this film the better, because this is not the type of information you’ll see on the news or taught in schools…but don’t get me started on government conspiracy theories lol.

Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think. What is YOUR view on the healthcare system and healthy eating?

Find out more about ‘Food Matters’ documentary film

Here is an article/interview with the film’s producers that they’ve kindly let me republish

New Solutions to Old Problems: An Interview with the Producers of ‘Food Matters’

Sometimes I feel that it would be infinitely easier to pretend that our world’s healthcare problems do not exist. It would be bliss to trust that our food industry operates with the public’s best interests at heart and that the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry are committed to human health. I suspect however that you already realize that this is currently a fairy tale dream. Or perhaps you’re like many others and understandably feel confronted by criticism of these paradigms. Whatever the case may be, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch have learnt the hard way.

In 2003, James’ father experienced a severe health crisis. After decades of working in stressful conditions and consuming a typical western diet, Roy Colquhoun’s body completely shut down. Bedridden for months with depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and severe flu-like symptoms, Roy sought the best medical care available. Psychiatrists and medical specialists recommended a myriad of drugs that did nothing to alleviate Roy’s physical ailments and, Roy asserts, actually worsened his mental condition.

“My life was a psychotic daze and spiraling downward out of control,” Roy recalls. “Ultimately, this lead to my psychiatrist admitting me to a specialist psychiatric hospital for a period of thirty days. This hospitalization did not help and all that was achieved was a change in the ingredients of my cocktail of prescription medication… Feelings of hopelessness started to predominate my life. Suicide was becoming a frightening and very real option.”

As a professional businessman with obstinate faith in conventional practices, Roy was initially very unreceptive when James and Laurentine encouraged him to read about the natural health methods they were learning about. Roy explains his attitude at the time was, “If the best of the medical profession could not help me, how could my son and daughter-in-law with their nutrition and vitamin-based approach help?”

James and Laurentine understood that it would take powerful measures to shock Roy into kicking his dangerous pharmaceutical drug habit. After realizing that he wasn’t reading the books that they sent him, the duo set off around the world interviewing experienced doctors, researchers, naturopaths and journalists. Their reasoning was that if Roy wouldn’t read the books then maybe he would listen to these experts on DVD.

“They arrived on my doorstep and I was told they were not leaving until I recovered,” Roy remembers. Seeing the filmed footage of all these experts clearly had its desired effect. “After five years on heavy doses of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anxiety medication and sleeping tablets, I started taking therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals and within a week had withdrawn from all prescription medication.” Also, with some not-so-gentle persuasion according to Roy, “I was ordered onto a ten day detox, eating only raw food and no alcohol and continuing on a special cleansing diet thereafter.”

The results? Nothing short of spectacular. Roy suffered none of the serious drug withdrawal side-effects cautioned by the medical profession. Today, he is disease-free, drug-free, twenty kilograms lighter, running twice a week and enjoying a happy retirement. Roy’s return to health was incredibly inspiring evidence of the power of nutritional therapy. “What we learned throughout this journey was so astounding that we wanted to share it with others, and so Food Matters the documentary was born,” James explains with his characteristic passion.

The beauty of Food Matters is that its message has ubiquitous relevance – not only to those who are as sick as James’s father was but also to those looking to prevent illness in their lives but who seem to have become bewildered by the often contradicting health information available to them. With raw honesty, Food Matters cuts through this confusion to reveal how a poor diet coupled with a pill-popping dependency serves the longevity of big business – but not you. In the words of featured nutritional therapy expert Dr. Andrew Saul, “Good health makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars”.

“We’re not suggesting that pharmaceutical drugs don’t have their place, we’re suggesting that our overburdened healthcare practitioners perhaps do not have the time to educate people about nutrition and healthy living,” James points out. “Food Matters was created to help fill that void”.

Experts such as Charlotte Gerson explain that the human body is self-curative when it functions in good health. She is adamant that “a normal healthy body can not and will not develop cancer or any other illness for that matter”. Conversely, when our innate healing systems become damaged by an un-natural diet and a toxic environment, disease manifests. Whilst drugs have their place in medical emergencies, chronic use merely masks the symptoms of disease and impedes profound healing.

The journey to good health can sometimes feel too overwhelming to start. Part of the magic of Food Matters is that it is an entertaining and solution-oriented springboard for taking your first step toward feeling good. Food Matters does not involve hours of lecturing scientists or extremist New Age diet ideas. It’s just eighty minutes of powerful common-sense, practical solutions to our current health crisis.

It is very seductive to pretend that our current healthcare problems do not exist. What I’m beginning to realize is that I may never be able to change the way people eat but I can do my very best today to make choices that serve my body and our planet. Food Matters delivers the message that only you are capable of transcending the madness of our current ‘sickcare industry’ and reclaiming the vibrant health that is rightfully yours.

Visit the Food Matters Website to discover for yourself why this film managed to gain such strong momentum worldwide and sparked a revolution in natural healthcare solutions.

Interview article written by Kali Gray

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Get "The 7-Ways To Alkalize Your Body" Guide & Printable Alkaline Food Chart
  • Discover The Amazing Health & Healing Benefits of Alkalizing Your Body
  • Lose Weight Much More Effortlessly
  • Identify The One Acidifying Killer in Your Home
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  • laura

    Reply Reply November 8, 2010

    By thw way, every time I watch this film’s trailer, it gives me a shiver and confirms to me that I am ON purpose with my mission to spread the word about alkaline diet and raw food health. Go organic veg!

  • Oliver Dowding

    Reply Reply November 8, 2010

    Nice one, Laura! I’ll take up the offer later. Or at least, when I work out how to feed my laptop through into the TV.

    Coincidentally, I’ve just had an e-mail from the trading standards people. They’ve now signed me off and approved everything on my website. It’s been the most unbelievable saga, and one I find most vindictive. Rest assured, they would refuse to allow quite a lot of what you’ve written above to be on my website. Also, I am not allowed to make reference to it.

    We cannot afford to give in to these kind of idiots. The original person who complained to Lancashire trading standards about my website, did so because I’m prepared to speak up for homoeopathy, not least because I had 15 years of enormous success treating dairy cattle. People can say it doesn’t work if they like, though clearly never tried it on an animal that doesn’t know about deceit or lies. When I mentioned that to them, they always say that I (which would have to include the 15 or more different herdsman who treated the animals over that time) probably thought the animal got better. You couldn’t make it up.

    For what it’s worth, this is what was in an e-mail from one of those nasty people, who perhaps thought I wouldn’t be able to work out who he was, or his connections.

    “The Cancer Act 1939 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed in 1939. Its most notable provision is a clause prohibiting taking any part in publication, except under specified conditions, of advertisements that “offer to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof”.

    Your website “tonic attack ” contains nothing more than pseudo science nonsense.
    ( so what? no harm done eh? you just look like an idiot!)
    BUT giving cancer sufferers False hope with the intention of making yourself rich is nothing short of deplorable
    I hope you sleep well at night , you callous moron!”

    Anyway, I’m now up and running, and it’s all systems go. Speak soon.

  • Oliver Dowding

    Reply Reply November 8, 2010

    I should have added, he didn’t make mention of the false hope that nearly everybody is given when the go for chemotherapy. I know plenty get better after it. But there are better options they could also pursue, as you and I know. I believe that five years is considered a 100% success in terms of the statistics for cancer survival after chemotherapy. Depressing.

  • laura

    Reply Reply November 12, 2010

    Hi Oliver,

    I can see your frustration, what a pain and this really highlights the sentiments of the film, that we have been brainwashed into thinking that (highly acidic and harmful) drugs, radiotherapy, chemo etc offers hope, solutions to the problems and a cure – of which all are highliy debatable.

    We must take repsonsibility for our own health and healing – ‘let food by thy medicine’ as famously stated.


  • Lydia

    Reply Reply May 20, 2013

    Hello Laura,
    are you having any other Health and Vitality conference this year like you had last year at Dartington Hall, Devon, UK?

    • Laura

      Reply Reply June 5, 2014

      Hi Lydia,
      We are looking at possible dates for another one this year – will keep you posted, glad you’re anticipating the next one :-)

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