Healthy Spiced Pumpkin Muffins

These are adapted from The Vegan Corner’s recipe. Healthy, tasty and alkaline. You can have these for breakfast, a snack or a dessert. The pumpkin/butternut squash is sweet and moist and the muffin is hearty and comforting for cold winter days. Try these and let me know how they go!       Print Yum…

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Chia Cardamom Breakfast Pudding

A lovely and Indian-inspired alternative to porridge. Vegan and highly alkaline, this pudding has a good amount of protein and Omega 3 fats. Ingredients: – 50g chia seeds – 4 cardamom pods – 10g hemp seeds – 10g almond flakes – 200ml almond milk1 – 1 tbsp agave syrup – few goji berries for decoration…

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Alkaline Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie

This recipe is such a beautiful alternative to dairy ice cream. It’s so unbelievably delicious and sweet that you’d never believe that it’s actually super-healthy for you! It is low fat, packed full of nutrients and very energising. The key to this recipe is always having some really ripe frozen bananas in your freezer, ready…

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