Discover The 5 Daily Meals That Will Improve Your Life…Meet Me At My Event

I am holding a book signing event on May 30th 2015 in Plymouth, Devon, UK. You get a signed copy of my new book, The Alkaline 5 Diet and a health talk ‘How to Get Lean, Healthy, Healed & Energised With A More Alkaline Diet’, plus free superfood samples – all for £19! Find out…

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Low Fat Falafel Burger With Cabbage Wraps

This is one of my most favourite recipes nowadays! Vegan, alkaline, inexpensive, easy to make and tastes so, so nice! Lovely hearty burgers that are totally healthy. Also, these burgers are both low fat and packed full of plant protein from the chick peas. The cabbage wraps make a lovely, lighter and crunchy alternative to…

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Alcohol-Free Alkaline Cider – Super Cheap & Fast

Nowadays, I’m a non-drinker and feel much better for it – my skin is better, no more foggy heads (even though I used to only drink one or two pints of beer or cider) and I’m leaner too. Occasionally, however, I do miss a nice sunny summer’s evening pint of crisp apple or fruit cider. …

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Carbs & Fruit Webinar Replay & Book Signing Events I’m Holding…

Hiya! [Please scroll down to second video to go straight to webinar replay] I have to apologise to you if you registered for last week’s ‘Fruit & Carbs’ webinar. There were almost 100 people registered and I ran it on Saturday. Unfortunately, a fair few people mailed me to say that they couldn’t logon to…

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Live Webinar with Me This Saturday! Fruits & Carbs

Webinar presenter: Laura Wilson – Nutritionist & Health Author Webinar title: Alkaline Diet – What Fruits Can I Eat & How Much? Webinar description: Fruits – are they bad, are they good? Is it only lemons and grapefruits that are alkaline? Should I keep my fruit intake low? How much is healthy? Date & Time:…

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Anti-Cancer Alkaline Curry With Cauliflower Rice

This is unbelievably  simple, inexpensive and tasty to make as an evening meal quickly after work or or a work out, or for a quick lunch, or even for breakfast. It’s very low fat, packed full of vegetables and low calorie. It’s filling but light on calories and will give you a real energy boost.…

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Is Great Health & A Lean Body Really Possible For ME?

I get a lot of people saying to me things like – “you are really healthy but I’m not like that, I am overweight / have a slow metabolism / can’t eat all that fruit / always have bad skin /don’t have the discipline” etc etc. In this video, I read an extract from my…

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Top 10 Alkaline Breakfast Ingredients

1. Oats Make a delicious alkaline porridge with oats, nut milk and agave syrup – simple. 2. Chia Seeds Swap the oats for chia seeds in the porridge recipe above and you’ve got a tasty, filling breakfast pudding. 3. Almond Milk Use on cereals, porridge, in your tea, in smoothies – very versatile, low fat,…

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Chia Cardamom Breakfast Pudding

A lovely and Indian-inspired alternative to porridge. Vegan and highly alkaline, this pudding has a good amount of protein and Omega 3 fats. Ingredients: – 50g chia seeds – 4 cardamom pods – 10g hemp seeds – 10g almond flakes – 200ml almond milk1 – 1 tbsp agave syrup – few goji berries for decoration…

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Alkaline Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie

This recipe is such a beautiful alternative to dairy ice cream. It’s so unbelievably delicious and sweet that you’d never believe that it’s actually super-healthy for you! It is low fat, packed full of nutrients and very energising. The key to this recipe is always having some really ripe frozen bananas in your freezer, ready…

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