Top 10 Beauty Product Chemicals to Avoid & Why

For years I have been advocating natural beauty products and been advising people to get rid of beauty products that contain thing like parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate because they are terribly harmful to your body. I am very excited to have found an excellent range of beauty products that are: Natural – containing plant…

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Alcohol-Free Alkaline Cider – Super Cheap & Fast

Nowadays, I’m a non-drinker and feel much better for it – my skin is better, no more foggy heads (even though I used to only drink one or two pints of beer or cider) and I’m leaner too. Occasionally, however, I do miss a nice sunny summer’s evening pint of crisp apple or fruit cider. …

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Top 10 Alkaline Breakfast Ingredients

1. Oats Make a delicious alkaline porridge with oats, nut milk and agave syrup – simple. 2. Chia Seeds Swap the oats for chia seeds in the porridge recipe above and you’ve got a tasty, filling breakfast pudding. 3. Almond Milk Use on cereals, porridge, in your tea, in smoothies – very versatile, low fat,…

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How To Make Creamy Delicious Almond Milk

Almond milk is a wonderful dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk and is much healthier for you. In today’s post, here’s a great almond milk recipe. Cow’s milk is highly acidifying and contains casein, which us humans cannot easily digest, since we don’t produce the enzyme rennet that cows do. This is one of the reasons…

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Alkaline Mojito Tea

I fancied a herbal tea with a kick this morning and only had rather bland ones to hand. I also like to start the day with a blood cleanser like lemon or lime juice. I had some fresh mint on my window sill and hey presto! That’s how this alkaline mojito tea came about…no alcohol…

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15 Incredibly Useful Kitchen Tools Every Health-Conscious Person Should Have

Let’s get straight in. How many of these do you have? If you’re raw a vegan, I bet you’ve got most, if not all of these kitchen tools. 1. A Blender or Smoothie Maker A blender is really the raw foodie, vegan or alkaline dieter’s go-to essential piece of kitchen equipment. I know several people…

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Why I Don’t Take Paracetamol

So on Christmas morning I woke up feeling like I couldn’t breathe and desperately needing fresh air. My head was hazy and skin a bit achy. We went to church and half way through the service I began shivering and feeling ill. By the time we got home and had our Christmas lunch, I was…

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‘Food Matters’ – Essential Viewing for Your Health

PLEASE Watch This Startling Film on The Food We Eat & Pharmaceuticel Industry I first came across the film Food Matters when I was on a Raw Food and Fitness bootcamp in Chiang Mai, Thailand earlier this year, check out the trailer: In Thailand, I ate nothing but exquisitely prepared raw, alkaline foods and exercised…

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