The 8-Week Transformational Programme For Igniting Your Weight Loss, Healing & High Energy


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It doesn't take a genius to work out that the diet and weight loss industry is huge. It's an industry that's worth billions of dollars each year, making it one of the largest and most profitable niches on the Internet today.

Did you know that millions of people search the internet every day, looking for a weight loss solution that can get them back into shape and in good health? They are willing to spend good money to get that dream figure they have always wanted, to have more energy and not be in the pain and struggle of ill health and disease. 

Our 8-week diet program, Alkaline, Slim & Energised fulfils this demand. It has an easy-to-follow plan with a sales page and video that can convince even the hardest of skeptics, as well as being fully backed by hard science and what works. It’s NOT full of faddy and dubious 'miracle' diet promises, it is backed by solid science, world-leading doctors such as Dr Neal Barnard (president of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and lots of great feedback from people who’ve succeeded on it.

All of this makes Alkaline, Slim & Energised the perfect diet program to recommend to your audience, contacts, friends and family.

If you haven't seen the sales page and video sales letter yet, You can see it here:

A generous 35% commission - that's over $100 per sale in your pocket

We pay a very generous 35% commission on every sale of Alkaline, Slim & Energised - that's over $100 in your pocket from simply recommending our program to people who might benefits from it - friends, colleagues, family members, customers who are looking to get their health back on track and become leaner and have more mental and physical energy for all of life's daily challenges.

Using your unique link, we are able to 100% track all your sales and attribute them to you and send you out your share of the earnings. Not bad for just a simple link share!

You don't have to worry about customer service or actually delivering the program - we take care of all that hard work!

Many affiliate marketers make a substantial full time income from promoting good affiliate products and you can be sure that we are one of those. I have had over 8 years' experience in this ever-changing industry and use the best technology to deliver our top quality products that your customers and friends/family will love and thank you for.

About Alkaline, Slim & Energised

The 8-Week Transformational Program For Igniting Your Weight Loss, Healing & High Energy

The diet plan is 100% vegan, safe and works in harmony with our body’s acid-alkaline balance. It also contains a holistic lifestyle plan, based on our acclaimed 7-point Framework for Optimum Health & Healing. The program is delivered via a secure membership site with a new module accessed each week for 8 weeks.

Every module contains around 7 High Definition videos, and action sheet and daily checklist, as well as a recipe book and recipe videos. The beauty of this plan is its simplicity - there are just 2 simple but highly effective actions each week that makes it very clear, easy to manage and results-driven.

Your Commission - No Hassle, Easy Money

You won't have to worry about customer service, stocks, or anything. Simply promote our product to others, and we'll do the rest! You'll receive a generous 35% commission for each customer that you bring in - approximately $104 (£74) straight in your pocket (the Alkaline, Slim & Energised program is priced at $297, with occasional lower priced promotions).

We invite you to see our expertly-designed and copywritten sales page, which answers all of the viewer's questions and is persuasive for good conversions.

Our weight loss program is fresh and not too saturated like other products. It delivers and lives up to its promise of losing undesirable fat and toxins, as well as producing more energy and sparking the healing process . Moreover, it provides amazing value with bonus materials that enhance the slimming experience. We truly believe in our affiliates and wish to do everything we can to help you, and that includes responding as quickly as we can to any questions you might have through email.

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